There is one thing in this whole world that I’m confident in: my ability to teach. I know I’m just learning, and I’m not perfect, but I’m good at what I do. So why is that the teacher I’m interning with won’t let me teach? She told me straight up that no, I can’t teach the 5th and 6th amendments  because they are to difficult to teach. IF SHE THOUGHT I COULDN’T TEACH THESE TOPICS WHY DID SHE TAKE ON AN INTERN? 


Puppy growing up, no hesitation on the second jump. [video]


Mass Effect (human) cop AU where Garrus transfers to Anderson’s squad because he had a disagreement with his superior officer over where some evidence went to. The superior officer said there was never any evidence to begin with and Garrus disagreed. Loudly.

"The only reason you weren’t kicked off the force was because I pulled every string I know!" Garrus’ fathers yells. Garrus suffers it silently. " Tomorrow you start at the Normandy precinct, downtown. I have a friend there, Anderson, who owed me a favor."

Garrus just nods, tired if all the hypocrisy.

The next morning Garrus irons his uniform for the second time before carefully putting it on. He glances at his face in the mirror. He looks blue, looks sick. With a sigh he slinks out of his house and catches a bus downtown.

When he reaches to Normandy precinct he’s greeted by a talkative British lady that introduces her self as Traynor and directs him to Anderson’s office. “Walk all the way back then take two lefts. His door will be on the right!”

When Garrus reaches the door it’s shut. He doesn’t mean to listen to the conversation going on behind the door but he has really good hearing and a sense of curiosity that would kill a cat nine times over.

"Are you sure?" A deep voice asks. He sounds worried.

"Yes Sir," a softer voice answers. " My gut is telling me this guy is crooked. If you give me the chance I can prove it."

The other voice sighs. “You do know he’s the place commissioners son, right? You do this and your wrong-”

Garrus’s frown deepens. Another commanding officer not ready to lose their job to do what’s right.

"But I trust you, Shepard," the deep voice finishes with another sigh. "You’re gut hasn’t failed you yet."

Garrus blinks, not used to commanding officers being,well, reasonable.

"Well, there was that one time when I got shit faced," the softer voice laughed. "It failed me that night but as I remember there was this nasty old police officer, a real piece of work that helped me get it back. Forced me to listen to it."

"I’m sure he regrets it every waking moment," the deep voice jokes. "Now get out of her and do your job."

"Yes Sir," the softer voice laughs and then the next thing Garrus knows he’s face to face with green eyes, freckles, and red hair.

"Oh. Uh. Excuse-" Garrus tries to move, to get out of the red heads way. "Hm. Sorry. Just."

She’s smiling. “You must be Vakarian.” She reaches out her hand. “I’m Jane Shepard but everybody calls me Shepard.”

Garrus reaches for her hand and shakes it weakly.

"Ah, Mr. Vakarian, Welcome to the Normandy precinct." The man with the deep voice says.

"Hello Captain," Garrus nods, his hand still shaking Shepard’s. He wishes his hand would stop.

"Seeing as you’ve already met your new partner she can show you around. I have a few people to call so her damn gut can do it’s job. Nice to meet you. Shepard, if you will?"

Shepard nods and shuts his door. “So, Vakarian, ready to go catch us some bad guys?” She has a wicked smile.

It’s the questions Garrus has been waiting to answer his whole life. “Hell yes.”







au where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate

ADDITIONALLY: when your soulmate dies, the world goes back to black and white


No but can you imagine having a normal day at work or running errands but then everything suddenly goes black and white.


But at the same time, imagine bumping into someone and your whole life lights up

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there’s a fork in the road in front of me
at the crossroads of identity


Remember 7th grade? YouTube was relatively new and if you couldn’t find a video of your OTP with these songs you were screwed.

01. Everytime We touch by Cascada ☆ 02. Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard ☆ 03. Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows ☆ 04. Just the Girl by Click Five ☆ 05. Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects ☆ 06. Kiss the Girl by Ashley Tisdale ☆ 07. Bubbly by Colbie Caillat ☆ 08. Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings ☆ 09. Crush by David Archuleta ☆ 10. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls ☆ 11. Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney ☆ 12. All You Wanted by Michelle Branch ☆ 13. Wonderwall by Oasis ☆ 14. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis ☆ 15. I Won’t Say I’m in Love by The Cheetah Girls ☆ 16. She Will be Loved by Maroon 5 ☆ 17. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol ☆ 18. Everytime We Touch (Yanou’s Candlelight Remix) by Cascada ☆

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